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Reaper Awards = SUCCESS!!

14 Oct, 2010 By: Thomas K. Arnold

Forgive me if I crow about our second annual Reaper Awards, in which we teamed with influential website to launch an ambitious national consumer vote to determine the best horror DVDs and Blu-ray Discs of the past year--and in which a panel of judges selected the most anticipated new horror DVD and Blu-ray Disc releases of the fourth quarter.

The contest, promoted both on Home Media Magazine's website and DreadCentral, was touted on hundreds of other websites, including a fair amount of fan sites. Thousands of fans voted, twice as many as last year, and there's no telling how many additional thousands of consumers we reached both with advance word of the contest and through post-show coverage. At the event, held last Tuesday night at the Hotel Roosevelt in Hollywood, we had representatives from 36 media outlets, and a cavalcade of stars and other famous names lining our red carpet, including Tom Holland, writer and director of horror classic A Child's Play; Paranormal Activity director Oren Peli; and up-and-comer Sarah Butler, star of the new I Spit on Your Grave remake. (For a recap of the awards ceremony, click here; for our story on the winners, click here.)

The press coverage of the awards, and the event, has been, quite frankly, overwhelming. We received writeups from newspapers and websites from around the world, including the , popular horror site , and the .

For years, we've been asked by the studios to "deliver the consumer," and not just the video retailers who for years have been our primary audience. Tuesday night, we took a big step in that direction--and I promise you, there will be more!

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