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Thomas K. Arnold
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Opinions by Thomas K Arnold.

Home Entertainment's Old Face and New Face Share the Headlines   9 Mar, 2011

Blockbuster, representing the old face of the home entertainment business, received a further drubbing this week, while Facebook suddenly is emerging as one of the industry's bright new faces.More>>

Death Watch Time for Blockbuster?   22 Feb, 2011

Blockbuster's upcoming auction sale could mark the beginning of the end for what was once an unstoppable corporate giant.More>>

The Three Faces of Consumerism   9 Feb, 2011

Consumers fall into three camps when it comes to home entertainment, and each has distinct personality traits.More>>

What Really Killed the CD?   23 Jan, 2011

An article on CNET suggests illegal file-sharing rather than the iPod-led digital distribution model is what's killing the CD.More>>

This Year's CES Is All About Fun   7 Jan, 2011

This year's Consumer Electronics Show is comparatively light on innovation but high on fun.More>>

The author with the DEG's Amy Jo Smith and Warren Lieberfarb.
Yes, Virginia, There IS a Disc Business!   22 Dec, 2010

A Christmas letter to little Virginia, whose friends in the media keep telling her packaged media is dead....More>>

More 'Discs are Dying' BS   13 Dec, 2010

Despite continued attacks on the mainstream media, which seems to believe DVDs and even Blu-ray Discs are a dying breed, there's plenty of evidence that suggests discs will be around for a long, long time.More>>

Consumers Bite a Third Time on 'Twilight'   6 Dec, 2010

<i>Eclipse,</i> the third film in the “Twilight” saga, went on sale Friday night and is on track to be one of the holiday season's major DVD and Blu-ray Disc sellers.More>>

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse
Disc Deluge   27 Nov, 2010

Consumers bought tons of heavily discounted DVDs and Blu-ray Discs on Black Friday, proving once and for all that price has become a key factor in driving disc sales.More>>

I've Got Friday on My Mind   15 Nov, 2010

Black Friday, which marks the unofficial start of the holiday shopping season, is a critical time for retailers--and, increasingly, a barometer for the home video industry.More>>