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I'm Not Going to Buy an iPad

29 Jan, 2010 By: Thomas K. Arnold

As enthralled I was with the unveiling of Apple's new iPad, I won't be buying one. The reason: There's no Blu-ray Disc drive, or any disc drive, for that matter.

I'm sorry, but I don't want to download movies from iTunes. Heck, I'd be limited to viewing them on the iPad or on my computer. I happen to have a very nice 65-inch plasma TV in my family room, and these downloaded movies would look like crap. That's why I'm firmly in the Blu-ray Disc camp, and would much rather buy a combo pack or a flipper and be able to make one purchase to take care of all my entertainment needs, stationary (family room) as well as mobile (laptop, car).

Furthermore, I have lots of DVDs I've burned of family moments. Our recent road trip to Tombstone, the Sixth Floor Museum in Dallas, the Fort Worth Stockyards, Carlsbad Caverns, and Saguaro National Park. My youngest son Hunter's first basketball camp. My latest Indian Guides campout, in which it was so cold I never unpacked the tent and, instead, booked a room at the Comfort Inn.

Right now, I can share these treasured videos on my laptop, on every TV in my house and on this lovely little $49 Dynex portable DVD player.

But not on the iPad.

That's why I fear the iPad may be more Apple TV than iPod. It doesn't do enough. We've already got laptops, notebooks, tablets and iPods. The iPad is nothing more than a Maxi iPod Touch — and as the proud owner of an iPhone I really don't see the need for a Jumbo version of something that actually does less than something I already own.

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