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I'm a Ladies Man....

6 Oct, 2010 By: Thomas K. Arnold

For the third consecutive year, we at Home Media Magazine are getting ready to salute the women of home entertainment, our annual tribute to the most influential female executives in Hollywood's home entertainment sector. With so many more ways to bring entertainment into the home — from DVD and Blu-ray Disc to digital downloading, streaming and VOD — we also are broadening our scope this year beyond packaged media suppliers and retailers.

But as the industry, and our home-entertainment delivery mechanisms, change, the character traits of these women-in-charge do not. The women of home entertainment remain a smart, savvy and tenacious bunch; well-educated, intelligent, ambitious and determined to not just ride out the troubled economy but to grow their businesses. Look over the roster of any major studio's home entertainment division and you're likely to see several of these women in key decision-making roles. The same goes for independent suppliers, retailers and technology companies where all eyes are not on home entertainment's presence, but, rather, on its future.

Some of these women are out in front, frequently quoted in the press and always dashing about the country for meetings with corporate higher-ups, analysts and key clients. Others work behind the scenes, in operations, legal affairs, accounting and other so-called "quiet" professions that are out of the spotlight. But their roles are all critical to the success of their respective businesses, and they all go about their jobs with equal diligence and professionalism.

The 2010 edition of our Women in Home tribute will run in our Nov. 1 issue, and for the first time ever, we are going to produce a gala luncheon to honor these women that will be held Nov. 3 in Beverly Hills, Calif. We're hoping to have a surprise celebrity guest speaker and a healthy turnout of home entertainment industry leaders who recognize the importance of events such as this, which tend to elevate the entire home entertainment category in the eyes of both Hollywood and the business community.

There's still time to nominate women executives — click here to do so electronically — and reserve tables at the luncheon (contact our editor in chief, Stephanie Prange, at sprange@questex.com). And lest I forget, let me call out some very special women in home entertainment: Stephanie Prange, Angelique Flores, Julie Savant, Renee Rosado, Krystal Lund and Valerie Cano. They're the women of Home Media Magazine — and a critical component of who we are, what we are, and what we can be.

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