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Girlfriend (DVD Review)

7 Aug, 2012 By: Maribel Castañeda

Street 8/7/12
$27.99 DVD
Not rated.
Stars Shannon Woodward, Jackson Rathbone, Amanda Plummer.

Amid the clatter of common everyday films that deal with trivial pursuits of possession and wealth comes the quiet subtlety of Girlfriend that reminds audiences what unconditional love is.

Girlfriend is not about the hot guy getting the hot girl. It’s an indie film about Evan (Evan Sneider), a young adult with Down Syndrome, living with his mother in a poor little forgotten-about town. But his only wish is to find love. When he suddenly comes into some money he uses it to pursue his high school crush, Candy (Shannon Woodward), who has a 4-year-old son and a hot-tempered ex-boyfriend, Russ (Jackson Rathbone).

In the middle of the chaos of Candy being evicted from her house and Russ’ destructive behavior, surprisingly enough it’s Evan who seems to be the only one acting like an adult. 

Director Justin Lerner depicts a dark world full of deceitful people that may leave the viewer kind of depressed. But the light that Evan brings into the film gives hope that there is still some good in the world.

In his feature film debut, Sneider delivers a performance that captures your heart and keeps the audience captivated until the end. Though the story lags at first, the film settles into the beautiful Wayland, Massachusetts, forests, helping viewers fall for Evan’s tenderness and compassion for others.

The several long shots and partially obscured scenes in the film add a realism to the story that is rare and often unappreciated by the average viewer. Girlfriend is the type of movie for people who appreciate art and films that make you work to fill in the blanks yourself.

For those viewers who don’t like that type of movie, the soundtrack and the amazing scenery will be enough to keep you entertained.

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