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Stepping Out


Ready to Step Out

23 Jan, 2012 By: Ashley Ratcliff

The start of the new year presents a time for new endeavors and a fresh outlook. Thus, it is with much enthusiasm that this first month of 2012 I present to you my blog, “Stepping Out: A Conversation About Faith and Urban Films.”

You may be asking yourself, Why the name “Stepping Out”? It means many things to me. For starters, I love Jesus, and I am proud of my heritage. For the faith aspect of the blog, “stepping out” pertains to boldly proclaiming the Christian values that are exhibited in inspirational films. In regard to the urban component, “stepping out” embodies who we (blacks and African Americans) are as a people: bold, confident, self-assured, vibrant and so much more.

Movies about faith and the urban community, in my opinion, could use some additional exposure. With this undertaking, my goal is to shine a light on the positive things that are happening within these two diverse genres, from the backstories of the filmmakers, to the intricacies of the stories being told, and beyond.

You can expect the latest news, interviews with filmmakers, actors and industry insiders, and more. Feel free to share your news via email at .

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, I’m ready to step out. Hope you’ll join me.

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