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BeFit in 90 Expands Beyond YouTube

26 Aug, 2013 By: Angelique Flores

For those who like those complete boxed set workout systems, Lionsgate has got something for you.

Lionsgate is packaging the videos from its popular BeFit in 90 channel as a set and for digital download, filled with extras.

The BeFit in 90 Workout System will be available exclusively on Amazon for three months beginning next week on Sept. 3.

The three-DVD set ($20.93) contains the 90-day total weight-loss program led by Samantha Clayton, an Olympic sprinter, and Garret Amerine, a former Marine.

These two ass-kicking trainers lead three months of 35-minute total body workouts featuring cardio, strength training and yoga to burn fat and build muscle.

Over the three-month program, the workouts become progressively more challenging, with a unique routine each day to avoid both muscle memory and repetition.

The set also comes with the Trainer Tip videos from the BeFit in 90 channel, a workout calendar designating workouts and rest days, a fitness journal to set goals and track progress, and a nutritional guide with healthy recipes and dietary information.

The BeFit in 90 Workout System already is available for digital download on iTunes in standard definition ($19.99) and high definition ($20.99). iTunes offers a link to download the workout calendar, nutritional guide and fitness journal.

Sure, the videos are available on YouTube for free, so why pay the $20 for the disc and materials? The bonus materials, the elimination of the YouTube ads, and the convenience of having the workouts streamlined and packaged in three discs are more than worth the retail price.

The set will be available widely at retail stores in December.

Lionsgate launched the in January 2012. As of today, the channel has 28,076 subscribers, and that number continues to grow.

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