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Amy Dixon Makes Me ‘Breathless’

5 Jul, 2012 By: Angelique Flores

Last week, fitness trainer Amy Dixon worked me hard at her DVD release party, held at Equinox in Santa Monica, Calif. Amy was leading a packed room in exercises from her two new DVDs: Breathless Body: Volume 2 — The Edge and Give Me 10: Core Cuts.

Breathless Body is the follow-up to her bestselling Breathless Body: The Ultimate Calorie Burn. It’s a 55-minute mix of high intensity interval training and threshold training. Core Cuts is, not surprisingly, for the core. Both are butt-kicking workouts and not for those afraid to break a sweat. Speaking of sweat, Amy gave me an awesome baby blue Breathless workout tank from Lorna Jane that says a little message down the back of the shirt. The words are invisible at first and activated only by your sweat. Cool!

Being a fan of high-intensity plyometric workouts, The Edge has made its way among my favorite workout DVDs. Amy gives easy-to-follow instruction, and her energy is infectious. Most of the moves should be familiar to anyone who does a lot of fitness DVDs, but she adds her own twist to some of them, keeping things fresh. She also gives modifications for each exercise if you need an extra challenge or if you’re not feeling 100% and need to take it easy.

I like the format of doing four rounds with three drills in each set. Each drill has three exercises. Doing each exercise three times allows me to push myself harder with each drill. It also helps me perfect my technique and get the most of my workout.

The DVDs are $19.98 each and available on Amy's .

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