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Star Trek Reimagined

24 Jul, 2009 By: Fred Topel

Star Trek

Star Trek became the first $200 million hit of the summer season, with fans going back to see it again and again. Those fans will get to see even more when Paramount Home Entertainment releases the film on home video Nov. 17. Director J.J. Abrams indicated there will be a selection of deleted scenes he had to cut for time and pacing.

“Whenever you cut a scene, all you’re thinking of is how that time could have been used to make other scenes better,” Abrams says. “Of course, the day you’re shooting it, you’d kill someone if they said, ‘This scene won’t end up in the movie.’ You’re like, ‘That’s not true! This is critical.’”

Many of the deleted scenes feature Kirk and Spock as younger children, before actors Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto take over the legendary roles.

“There’s a scene with the stepfather and young Kirk, there’s a scene of Nero in prison, and there’s a scene of young Spock as a baby, having just been born,” Abrams says. “They’re all scenes that would have been fun to have in the movie.”

The prison scene in particular caused problems in early screenings. The idea is that Nero’s ship, after arriving from the future, is damaged in the battle with the U.S.S. Kelvin and is captured by the Klingons, which somewhat explains how Nero waited out the 25 years before Leonard Nimoy’s Spock arrives from the future.

“Some things, like the prison sequence, just confounded the audience, even though it had some of my favorite designs in the whole movie, with the wardrobe, the location and some of the visual effects,” Abrams says. “It was really fun. But if it’s better without it, then cut it.”

High-def users also will get to experience the film in Blu-ray quality.

“I’m a huge fan of the Blu-ray system, so it’s nice to see movies, and not just this one, at that resolution,” Abrams says.

Director J.J. Abrams guides actress Zoe Saldana, who plays Uhura, through a scene of the new Star Trek movie. Says Saldana of Abrams: “I thought it was incredibly witty on his behalf, to make the beginning; to show them as young people, that they’re not comfortable in their own skin.”


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