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Paramount First to Sell Disc-Free UltraViolet

25 Jan, 2012 By: Chris Tribbey

'Paranormal Activity 3'

Paramount is the first studio to offer UltraViolet purchases of its films without the need for disc.

Visitors to ParamountMovies.com can purchase UltraViolet codes for more than 60 films, with the option for most catalog titles priced at $19.99 for high-def ownership and $12.99 for standard-definition.

New releases, such as Paranormal Activity 3, are priced at $22.99 and $16.99, for high-def and standard-def, respectively.

Purchases of UltraViolet copies allow for either streaming or downloading of the content, which then can be played across multiple devices, and not tied to specific hardware.

Both Warner Home Video and Universal Studios Home Entertainment have offered free catalog titles enabled with UltraViolet to new members to the service, but Paramount is the first to dig into its library and offer titles for sale with the buy once, play anywhere feature.

“This represents an exciting development for UltraViolet and a clear example of how the UltraViolet consumer value proposition is continuing to improve as more companies deploy their offerings,” said Mark Teitell, executive director and GM of Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem, the cross-industry consortium behind UltraViolet. “With their launch, Paramount has greatly expanded the number of UltraViolet-enabled titles in the marketplace that are available today for consumer purchase, as an early start on the broad expansion of UltraViolet content availability, which we expect in 2012.”

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