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"All Week Long" Goes On and On …

23 Sep, 2002 By: Brendan Howard

Blockbuster's "All Week Long" summer promotion -- which lets customers keep movies and games for eight days instead of five -- has been officially extended.

Under the program, rentals are due eight days from the day they were rented. For example, movies rented Tuesday are due back the following Wednesday by noon. "Blockbuster Favorites" rentals on VHS and "New Release" movies on VHS and DVD, as well as all PlayStation and PlayStation 2, GameCube and Xbox games, are available for eight days at the former five-day rental price. "Hot New Releases," movies released within the last month, are available for two days at the regular rental price.

More than 4,400 corporate Blockbuster locations throughout the United States are participating in the program.

"Our members have responded very positively to renting by the week-load. Our research indicates that customers are renting more per visit, coming in more often and intend to rent more frequently in the future because of the extended terms," said Jim Notarnicola, EVP and chief marketing officer for Blockbster. "Renting by the week also makes it easier for our customers to establish a weekly rental habit. They can make a trip to Blockbuster on a Thursday night, return their movies the following Thursday night and check out some more."

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