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Brendan Howard

Prince Caspian Reviews
Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian, The (DVD Review)   30 Nov, 2008
By: Brendan Howard

As a fantasy spectacle, 'Prince Caspian' is a winner.

Gonzo Reviews
Gonzo: The Life and Work of Hunter S. Thompson (DVD Review)   9 Nov, 2008
By: Brendan Howard

Gonzo will most appeal to those already enthralled by Hunter S. Thompson’s wild writing and Terry...more >>

Trojan Horse Reviews
Trojan Horse, The (DVD Review)   2 Nov, 2008
By: Brendan Howard

'The Trojan Horse' is brain candy for fans of political thrillers and conspiracy theories.

The Visitor Reviews
Visitor, The (DVD Review)   5 Oct, 2008
By: Brendan Howard

In a post-9/11 world in which America is sometimes afraid of outsiders and foreigners, 'The...more >>

Heckler Reviews
Heckler (DVD Review)   10 Aug, 2008
By: Brendan Howard

'Heckler' is a comedic documentary gem thanks to its skillful and energetic editing, engaging...more >>

Code Monkeys Reviews
Code Monkeys: Season One (DVD Review)   3 Aug, 2008
By: Brendan Howard

G4's “Code Monkeys” would make a great addition to Cartoon Network's Adult Swim lineup...more >>

Last Winter Reviews
Last Winter, The (DVD Review)   20 Jul, 2008
By: Brendan Howard

The beautiful arctic cinematography, the expert direction, and good performances from Ron Perlman...more >>

Towards Darkness Reviews
Towards Darkness (DVD Review)   22 Jun, 2008
By: Brendan Howard

'Towards Darkness' is an issue-conscious piece, akin to Steven Soderbergh's drug war epic...more >>

Shotgun Stories Reviews
Shotgun Stories (DVD Review)   25 May, 2008
By: Brendan Howard

This stunning debut from writer-director Jeff Nichols, while always retaining a mood of a hot, slow...more >>

Gamers (DVD Review)   4 May, 2008
By: Brendan Howard

Now we have the “unrated, uncensored, unapologetic” version of the independently produced...more >>

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