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Metamorphosis (DVD Review)

17 Aug, 2010 By: Erik Gruenwedel

Street 8/24/10
$24.95 DVD
Rated ‘R’ for some violence and brief sexuality.
Stars Christopher Lambert, Corey Sevier, Irena A. Hoffman.

With the proliferation of vampire-themed movies and TV shows, it’s nice to see a (low-budget) film that actually attempts to incorporate historical perspective into the genre. From the picturesque Hungarian countryside and authentic medieval castles, 2007’s Metamorphosis shows great promise relaying a present-day yarn of 16th century countess Elizabeth Bathory, who many believe was the original Dracula, if not a serial killer.

Keith (Corey Sevier of TV’s “The Best Years”) and two perfunctory sidekicks travel through Hungary looking to research Bathory and the castle she was imprisoned in when he encounters present-day Elizabeth (Irena A. Hoffman) after one of the soon-to-be killed sidekicks takes a short-cut through — you guessed it — a cemetery.

Elizabeth guides the group to the castle (after a chase by wolves!), which of course sets off the missionaries’ internal vampire radar.

Despite lines such as when Christopher Lambert’s character is asked his motives and replies, “Only to kill you and drink your blood,” the movie, in the end, does attempt a not-entirely-unconvincing plot twist.

Indeed, Metamorphosis is a supernatural love story, similar to Twilight and “True Blood,” which fans of the genre should take as complementary entertainment and not much more.

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