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New on Disc: 'Moms Mabley: I Got Somethin' To Tell You'

2 Jun, 2014 By: Mike Clark

Whoopi Goldberg Presents Moms Mabley: I Got Somethin’ To Tell You

HBO, Documentary, $19.98 DVD, NR.
Beyond its entertainment value, Whoopi Goldberg’s directorial debut fills in some valuable history about a performer all but unique to her era.
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Forever Amber

Available via Fox Cinema Archive
Fox, Drama, $19.95 DVD, NR.
Stars Linda Darnell, Cornel Wilde, Richard Greene, George Sanders.
Otto Preminger’s sumptuously mounted adaptation of Kathleen Winsor’s once scandalous Restoration novel was something of a drag that hadn’t remotely matched the revenue-marked popularity of a book that in the 1940s had been the hottest thing around this side of the Kinsey Reports.
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