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Interactive Ads Coming to Xbox

21 Jun, 2011 By: Chris Tribbey

Xbox 360

Microsoft June 21 launched a new service that allows Xbox 360 owners to interact with advertising using the voice- and motion-control Kinect system.

Dubbed NUads, the endeavor will allow Xbox owners to use their Kinect to locate retailers, use Twitter to recommend brands, request additional information, seek coupons, add events to their calendar and vote for favorites, all while ads are playing, and all with simple voice commands and motion gestures.

“Typically when I talk about new technologies, I try to avoid hyperbole. But in this case of NUads and Kinect, I’m here to say that it will change television as we know it — forever,” Mark Kroese, GM with Microsoft’s Interactive Entertainment Business advertising group, wrote in a blog post. “I say this because NUads — specifically the Kinect voice and gesture technology that enables them — finally unties the Gordian knot of interactive television, and by extension, interactive advertising.”

Kroese did not say how quickly advertisers might use the technology, but did note that all forms of Xbox content — movies, TV shows and video games — could take advantage of NUads.

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