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Yoga Is: A Transformational Journey (DVD Review)

14 Oct, 2012 By: Angelique Flores

$19.98 DVD,
Not rated.

Yoga is much more than a fitness regimen. There’s a deep spiritual aspect to it that brings dedicated practitioners to a sense of peace and happiness.

In dealing with the loss of her mother, Suzanne Bryant found solace and strength in yoga. Here she traces her quest to find out more about the ancient Indian practice.

When Suzanne’s mother was diagnosed with terminal breast cancer, Suzanne’s world was turned upside down. She left her thriving life in New York behind to move to San Francisco to be with her mother during her remaining years. Never able to rebuild what she once had in NYC, she found that yoga brought her calmness and helped her get through the challenges that came with watching her mother die, grieving over her and then trying to pick up the pieces of her own life.

Suzanne traveled to India to better learn what yoga is and find out why its practices affect the mind and spirit in addition to the body.

In this documentary she talks to some of the world’s most prominent yoga teachers, such as Sharon Gannon, David Life, Shiva Rea, Nicki Doane, Seane Corn, Sri Dharma Mittra and Baron Baptiste. Suzanne also talks to celebrity practitioners such as record executive Russell Simmons, musical artist Michael Franti and model Christy Turlington Burns.

They talk in an articulate way about how yoga helps dedicated practitioners find peace of mind, happiness and simplicity. Yoga teaches you to be present, to be calm in the middle of chaos and to create a balance between opposites.

Some of the information is hard to grasp, especially if you don’t regularly practice yoga or aren’t open to the spiritual aspect of it. And they don’t fully explain why yoga causes someone to experience these spiritual things; rather they explain in a logical way how the universe works and our places in it.

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