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Mother’s Love, A (DVD Review)

18 Apr, 2012 By: Ashley Ratcliff

Street 4/24/12
$26.98 DVD
Rated ‘PG-13.’
Stars Rolanda Watts, Amenha Dymally, Julian Starks, Salina Duplessis, Vanessa Williams.

Sometimes a person needs to be knocked down to be built up again. That’s the case with Regina Reynolds (Rolonda Watts), a successful magazine editor, who takes pride — perhaps too much — in knowing that she and she alone worked hard to get to where she is.

It’s too bad that just about every other aspect of Regina’s life is filled with strife. She has left her perfectly good husband, Marcus (Julian Starks), and has grown weary of giving her drug-addicted daughter, Monica (Salina Duplessis), chance after chance. Regina’s prayerful mother, Georgia (Amentha Dymally), is the only constant in her chaotic life, and that relationship crumbles when all those stresses come to a head.

Soon Regina finds herself in an unfamiliar place: unemployed and vulnerable. But it was a mess of her own making. Her pride, strength and independence — the very things that have made her successful — unfortunately are what lead to her downfall. When Regina finally realizes that she can’t do it all on her own, she accepts the help that her mother has been offering all along.

Meanwhile, Monica has checked into a treatment facility and has found solace in painting. It’s a positive step toward gaining back the respect of her mother, with whom she desperately wants to have a relationship again.

The theme of a mother’s unconditional love is a heartwarming message I could relate to; I saw a lot of my grandmother in Georgia. However, I wish that aspect of the story didn’t come off as predictably as it did. Overall, A Mother’s Love is worth a viewing if you’re due for a dose of drama.

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