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Independent film director news. The inside scoop on top directors movies, inspirations, interviews and next projects.

Sony Pictures Reunites 'Boyz,' 'Boot' Casts at LA Film Fest   10 Jun, 2011

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment is reuniting the casts and crews of the classic films 'Boyz in the Hood' and 'Das Boot' at the 2011 Los Angeles Film Festival, before releasing those titles on Blu-ray Disc.More>>

Director Loads ‘Blue Valentine’ Discs With More Narrative   9 May, 2011

Director Derek Cianfrance filmed hours and hours of footage before whittling it down to less than two hours for the heartbreaking 'Blue Valentine,' which comes to DVD ($29.98) and Blu-ray Disc ($39.99) May 10 from Anchor Bay Entertainment.More>>

'Blue Valentine'
‘Undertow’ Director Creates Sweeping Ghost Story    13 Apr, 2011

Javier Fuentes-León discusses his first film as writer and director, 'Undertow,' which was Peru's official submission to the Oscars. Wolfe Video releases the film June 1 on DVD ($29.95) and Blu-ray Disc ($29.95).More>>

Terry Gilliam Talks 'Imaginarium,' 3D   9 Mar, 2010

Terry Gilliam's 'Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus' is coming to DVD and Blu-ray Disc April 27. Gilliam's film features plenty of extravagance, minus the 3D.More>>

Terry Gilliam on the set
DiCaprio, Gorbachev and Others Support ‘Crude’ Director   14 Jul, 2010

Some big names have come out against Chevron’s totally crappy effort to have the filmmakers of <i>Crude</i>, a documentary depicting the environmental damage done in Ecuador and the lawsuit between its indigenous people and Chevron, turn over more than 600 hours of footage to Chevron via subpoena.More>>

Joe Berlinger
Moverman’s ‘Messenger’ Hits Home   9 Apr, 2010

The Oscar-nominated writer/director tells an objective Army story in ‘The Messenger.’More>>

Oren Moverman
‘Four Lions’ Director Brings Jihadist Comedy to Disc   4 Feb, 2011

It might not seem there is much comedy to mine from Jihadist terrorist attacks. But director Chris Morris’ <i>Four Lions</i>, releasing March 8 from Magnolia Home Entertainment (DVD $26.98, Blu-ray $29.98), proves that even the direst of situations are ripe for satire.More>>

Four Lions
Indie ‘Kids Are All Right’ Cleans Up at Golden Globes   17 Jan, 2011

The film has been available on disc since November.More>>

Annette Bening in 'The Kids Are All Right'
Filmmaker Reignites Cinema Verité With 'Alamar'   10 Jan, 2011

Pedro González-Rubio casts a real-life father and son in Film Movement's <i>Alamar</i>.More>>

‘Picture Me’ Tells the Tale of the Model   3 Jan, 2011

Ole Schell and Sara Ziff delve into the modeling world with their documentary <i>Picture Me: A Model’s Diary</i>.More>>