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Actor information cast and casting news from the latest indie films.

Sony Pictures Reunites 'Boyz,' 'Boot' Casts at LA Film Fest   10 Jun, 2011

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment is reuniting the casts and crews of the classic films 'Boyz in the Hood' and 'Das Boot' at the 2011 Los Angeles Film Festival, before releasing those titles on Blu-ray Disc.More>>

Barney’s Version a Feast for Actors   26 May, 2011

'Barney’s Version,' the filmed version of Mordecai Richler’s novel of the same name about a TV producer’s storied life, presents several actors of great renown (Paul Giamatti, Dustin Hoffman and Minnie Driver, among others) to sink their teeth into meaty roles that evolve over many years...More>>

'Barney's Version'
Terry Gilliam Talks 'Imaginarium,' 3D   9 Mar, 2010

Terry Gilliam's 'Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus' is coming to DVD and Blu-ray Disc April 27. Gilliam's film features plenty of extravagance, minus the 3D.More>>

Terry Gilliam on the set
Patton Oswalt Shows Us His Dark Side in ‘Big Fan’   11 Jan, 2010

The comedian gets his most notable lead role in 'Big Fan.'More>>

patton oswalt big fan
Actor Jon Foster’s ‘Brotherhood’ Pledges for VOD   28 Feb, 2011

Jon Foster ('Pandorum', also the brother of actor Ben Foster) stars in 'Brotherhood,' about a fraternity hazing gone wrong — the brothers-to-be are coerced into fake robbing a convenience store, landing one of them in the hospital.More>>

Jon Foster in 'Brotherhood'
Indie ‘Kids Are All Right’ Cleans Up at Golden Globes   17 Jan, 2011

The film has been available on disc since November.More>>

Annette Bening in 'The Kids Are All Right'
Katie Aselton, Dax Shepard Deliver ‘The Freebie’   17 Dec, 2010

A one-night stand seven years into marriage is proposed as the solution to a couple’s doldrums in <i>The Freebie</i>, coming to DVD Jan. 11 ($29.99) from Phase 4 Films.More>>

Katie Aselton and Dax Shepard
‘Handsome Harry’ Explores Gay Issues in Military   10 Dec, 2010

Screen Media’s <i>Handsome Harry</i> stars Jamey Sheridan (“Trauma,” “Law and Order: Criminal Intent”) as Harry, a man who can’t shake a past event involving his old navy crew beating one of their own when they find out he’s gay. Sheridan and co-star Steve Buscemi (“Boardwalk...More>>

steve buscemi
Patricia Clarkson’s Craft Shines in ‘Cairo Time’   26 Oct, 2010

Patricia Clarkson talks about her upcoming film on DVD, 'Cairo Time.'More>>

Clarkson and Siddig in Cairo Time
Tim Blake Nelson Lights Up ‘Leaves of Grass’   17 Sep, 2010

When it came time for venerable character actor Tim Blake Nelson to direct his latest feature, 'Leaves of Grass' (coming to DVD at $28.98 Oct. 12 from First Look Studios), Nelson looked for one actor in particular to drive the feature: Edward Norton.More>>

Nelson and Norton