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Reivews of DVDs and Blu-ray from Monarch Films.

Trouble With Dee Dee (DVD Review)   7 Dec, 2008

'The Trouble With Dee Dee' is a sweet confection that will please fans of screwball comedy.More>>

Trouble With Dee Dee
For Sale By Owner (DVD Review)   16 Oct, 2009

'For Sale by Owner' is a low-budget thriller that manages to entertain. (Street Date 10/27/09)More>>

Behind the Wall (DVD Review)   31 Jul, 2009

'Behind the Wall' comes from the writer of 'Poltergeist' and, like that movie, it offers supernatural thrills about folks developing property over haunted ground. (Prebook 8/3/09; Street Date 8/25/09)More>>

Behind the Wall
Dragon Hunter (DVD Review)   2 Jul, 2009

As movies about fighting dragons go, 'Dragon Hunter' is pretty standard fare. (Prebook 7/6/09; Street Date 7/28/09)More>>

Dragon Hunter
Conjurer (DVD Review)   2 Nov, 2008

'Conjurer' is a slow, creepy Southern ghost tale about a young couple that flees the big city to recover from a tragic event only to find themselves battling each other and supernatural elements after moving into a haunted farmhouse.More>>

Short Track (DVD Review)   7 Sep, 2008

'Short Track' is a family story that is loaded with racing action, lingering and loving long shots of cars racing laps and gunning for the finish.More>>

Short Track
Celine (DVD Review)   27 Jul, 2008

This unauthorized biography of Celine Dion is a workable, mildly entertaining biopic that Dion and her people had nothing to do with.More>>