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Behind the Wall (DVD Review)

31 Jul, 2009 By: Billy Gil

Behind the Wall

Prebook 8/3/09; Street 8/25/09
$24.95 DVD
Rated ‘PG-13’ for some violent content and brief sexuality.
Stars Lindy Booth, James Thomas, Suzie Pollard.

Behind the Wall comes from the writer of Poltergeist and, like that movie, it offers supernatural thrills about folks developing property over haunted ground.

Wrong Turn’s Lindy Booth stars as Katelyn, a woman whose father killed her mother in their lighthouse-home basement when she was a little girl. Or did he? Katelyn’s father never spoke again after the murder and was committed to an asylum, while Katelyn moved away and tried to move on.

Now developers want to take over the dilapidated lighthouse. Meanwhile, Katelyn is brought back into town by a mysterious letter summoning her to appear.

In typical horror-film fashion, characters are introduced and offed, although they are largely given believable lines and some are developed. In this sense, Behind the Wall is a more-adult horror film and a throwback to early classics such as Halloween and, yes, Poltergeist, in which the suspense builds in lieu of a constant splatterfest.

Behind the Wall isn’t as strong as Poltergeist, long on atmosphere but short on actual scares, but for those who like their horror more paranormal and less gory, it may make you think twice before stepping into any basement or foggy, wooded area anytime soon.

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