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She’s Not Our Sister (DVD Review)

6 May, 2012 By: Ashley Ratcliff

$14.98 DVD
Not rated.
Stars Kellita Smith, Drew Sidora, Azur-De Johnson, Christian Keyes, Clifton Powell, Tony Grant, Jazsmin Lewis.

The Walker sisters are dealing with their dad’s death in different ways. Older sister Vivian (Kellita Smith) is disappointed about how her relationship with her dad deteriorated; middle sister Cynthia (Drew Sidora) takes an “it is what it is” attitude; and baby sister Deniece (Azur-de Johnson) is hurt that her sisters aren’t more upset about losing their father.

With the added stress of having both parents gone (the girls’ mother died from breast cancer years prior) and mounting bills, Niecy is especially concerned about the family’s future. However, the Walker women find out some new things about their dad that will forever change their fate.

Attorney Elliot Ross (Tony Grant) informs the sisters that there will be a reading of their father’s last will and testament, and that all four sisters need to be present. This perplexes the sisters because there are only three of them. They soon find out about their long-lost sister, Allison Page (Jazsmin Lewis) — the product of an extramarital affair their father had with a white woman.

Although he lived a meager existence, Joseph Walker’s investments have earned him $4.3 million. He leaves the money to be divided among the four sisters, only if they can live together for six months. Viv is incensed, knowing that her father had an affair.

While Niecy and Cynthia are willing to accept Allison, Viv wants nothing to do with her and acts pretty immaturely, refusing to speak to any of them. As the weeks progress, Niecy, Cynthia and Allison become closer, making Viv the odd woman out, which brings another layer to the meaning behind the title, She’s Not Our Sister.

The film, set as a stage play, is a rather funny, touching story about how one family makes the most of the obstacles thrown their way.

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