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Strings (DVD Review)

28 Sep, 2012 By: Erik Gruenwedel

House Lights Media
$24.99 DVD
Not rated
Stars Billy Harvey, Elle LaMont, Chris Potter, Karl Anderson, Jack Lee.

Beware of therapists with English accents promising one-way exits out of life’s misfortunes. But Billy (Bill Harvey) doesn’t listen. So intense is the aspiring pianist-singer’s self-loathing following the unexplained death of his baby daughter with girlfriend Chavine (Elle LaMont) that making ends meet has become too much of a chore.

Drowning his sorrows in the shower (he apparently can’t afford alcohol) is even too much for Chavine, who asks that he grow a pair and take charge of his life.

At an experimental group therapy session, spiritual leader Jack (Jack Lee) offers Billy the opportunity to “disappear” in exchange for assuming  a new identity and joining a posse, whose leader, Desky, takes no prisoners meting out vigilante justice on alleged bad guys and unlucky posse members.

After eight years on the “job,” Billy wants out. His wish is granted through extensive plastic surgery and so is born “Jimmy,” whose lone requirement for freedom from a criminal past involves not seeing Chavine.

Of course, true love cannot be stopped.

Chavine is married with school-age daughter and operates a piano store with a doting husband. Conveniently, the store needs a tuner and Jimmy is hired. Of course, word soon gets back to Desky & Co.

Low-budget indie Strings works on many levels, from effective cinematography, musical score and quality acting from a no-name cast. A hit on the festival circuit, Strings is worth checking out at the video store.

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