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Lesbian Vampires (DVD Review)

24 Oct, 2010 By: Miko Revereza

Prebook 10/27/10; Street 11/23/10
Chemical Burn
$19.95 DVD
Not rated.

Barely Legal Lesbian Vampires: The Curse of Ed Wood combines cinema’s most exploitable genres — sex and horror — in a mash of over-stimulated fun.

The story is something that has been appropriated and reinterpreted time and time again in vampire films. A mortal in the heat of passion unknowingly gets involved with a vampire. Stephanie Bloode plays Lilith, an innocent and naïve nymphomaniac who meets Carmilla the queen of the vampires played by Lolita Langsuir. When Carmilla chooses Lilith to be hers for eternity, her true lesbian lover comes to her rescue.

Paying homage to the original weirdo filmmaker Ed Wood, his voice is summoned by mystics for guidance from beyond the grave. Like Ed Wood’s films, Lesbian Vampires is as low budget and unsophisticated as it comes. The day-for-night effects, superimposed flames from hell, outdated source library soundtrack and Halloween store props and decorations create a viewer experience that not only calls attention to the story but the obvious production value.

This cheap yet charming style may be the best gratification to watching this movie, other than sex scenes that span a few minutes too long to be only a “sex scene.” Overall, Lesbian Vampires is both a spooky curiosity to share with friends for a good time and an erotic creeper to keep away from the kids.

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