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Ghost of Saint Aubin, The (DVD Review)

19 Jan, 2013 By: Angelique Flores

Prebook 1/22/13; Street 2/19/13
Green Apple
$24.98 DVD
Not rated.

In this mysterious drama, St. Aubin is both a mysterious place and a mysterious person.

One part of the plot centers on the development of a piece of land on St. Aubin Street. The city wants to build a modern commercial, residential and retail complex on that plot, but some citizens say the area is a toxic wasteland that shouldn’t be built upon — a controversy being investigated by an out-of-town reporter.

Meanwhile, an ex-con named Al sits in a diner telling his friend about his missing girlfriend, named Nicole St. Aubin. Out of nowhere she disappears one day a year prior, and Al has enlisted the help of a holistic healer named Dr. Akbar to find her. Akbar spins overly dramatic tales that are supposed to help Al while he expects Al to help him track down a mysterious totem in return.   

The reporter’s stories and Al’s story to his friend are both obvious devices to move each plot along.

The film spends a lot of time developing a plot without much of an ending, which is somewhat ambiguous and lost on this viewer. Without giving any spoilers, Akbar and Nicole are directly related, with reincarnation having something to do with it.

The Ghost of Saint Aubin makes a great effort building up an interesting mystery, but at times it tries too hard with its nonstop train of clever lines and histrionic anecdotes told by many of the characters.

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