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Fit Body Yoga (DVD Review)

4 Dec, 2011 By: Angelique Flores

Street 12/6/11
$14.98 DVD
Not rated.
Featuring Gwen Lawrence.

The fitness DVD market has plenty of yoga discs with different types of practices, instruction styles and body parts on which to focus. But this one from Gwen Lawrence still manages to stand out from the crowd.

Lawrence is not your usual meditative Zen-like yogi. She has a bit more of an edge to her.

In Fit Body Yoga, she has created three 20-minute segments, each targeted separately at the lower body, upper body and core.

The lower body segment is aimed at increasing flexibility in the hips and legs, while also toning the thighs and glutes. The upper body section works to open the arms and the shoulders. And the core section works the abs and the back.

The exercises can be done individually or all together for an invigorating full-hour workout.

Lawrence’s movements tone, strengthen and stretch out the body — as you would expect from a yoga DVD. However, she cranks things up a notch with a challenging workout. There are some unique stretches here that you might not find on most, if any, other yoga DVDs. However, what really makes this program stand out is that Lawrence incorporates poses and stretches that help prevent injuries. Her credibility in that area is backed up by her roster of clients, which includes the New York Giants, New York Knicks and New York Rangers.

The disc also contains a bonus download, which is a 10-minute express toning workout for all the major muscle groups.

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