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AdoraPet Puppies (DVD Review)

3 May, 2009 By: John Latchem


Street 5/12/09
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$14.95 DVD
Not rated.

This simple DVD will tug at the heartstrings of any pet owner or dog lover. It’s just 40 minutes of puppies playing — playing with toys, playing with each other, running around and doing tricks. But it’s too cute, like hanging out in front of a pet store window for an hour.

All the dogs are 1 year old or younger. There’s Oliver, an English Bulldog; Watson, a Yorkshire Terrier; Dart, a Cavamalt; Raleigh, a Mini-Dachshund; and Bela, a Puggle. The DVD also includes text profiles of each dog.

The giggle-inducing fun plays long enough to pick up on certain personality traits for each puppy. Watson and Dart roll around like a couple of cats wrestling with each other, while Raleigh loves chasing a laser pointer.

The DVD is marketed as eye candy for animal lovers, young children and even pets. The soothing music and repeat-play mode also make it ideal background material for household chores.

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