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3 Little Wonders (DVD Review)

24 Aug, 2008 By: Anne Sherber

3 Little Wonders

Street 8/26/08
Passion River
$19.95 DVD
Not rated.

This new entry into the burgeoning early childhood video category is a series of three shorts that focus on stimulating baby's primary senses.

In each of the three segments, two of which are largely wordless and brightly colored, images slowly dissolve to illustrate a central theme.

The first, "Baby's Stroll Through Nature," includes lovely, live-action pictures of the flora and fauna that one might see on a nature walk, with colors so saturated they appear to be watercolor paintings. Occasionally, viewers catch a glimpse of baby sneakers peeking out of a stroller, but the segment is meant to mimic the perspective that a baby might have as he or she is wheeled along on a family nature walk.

In the second segment, "Cellos, Bassoons and Musical Toons," which combines live action and animation, musical instruments become sources of fanciful wonder.

And in "Wheel Time Express," the third segment, all manner of wheels spin soothingly, including tires of motorcycles, spinning wheels, Ferris wheels, potter's wheels and trains. All three segments are accompanied by music both familiar and original.

The video will captivate babies as its brightly colored images move slowly from one to the next. The music is calming and rhythmic. And each segment focuses on aspects of baby's world that he or she will find delightful.

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