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Mindscape of Alan Moore, The (DVD Review)

21 Sep, 2008 By: Holly J. Wagner

Mindscape of Alan Moore

Street 9/30/08
$29.95 two-DVD set
Not rated.

If you’ve ever wondered what kind of mind is behind the dark, class-conscious tales-turned-films such as V for Vendetta, From Hell, the fanciful The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and the upcoming Watchmen, graphic novelist Alan Moore is finally on disc to explain himself.

This two-disc set is built around a droll interview with the brilliant storyteller, who might otherwise have been written off because of his humble beginnings in Northampton, England, and the meager opportunities they afforded. But that bleak origin, in landscape as well as class, was the very fuel for the creative fire that brought such colorful champions of justice to life, first for DC Comics and later in films (though he disavows the film versions of his work).

It’s a little distracting that Moore continually pushes back his long, bushy hair with silver-clad fingers (“rings” doesn’t begin to cover it) during a 76-minute interview that is otherwise fascinating. But it’s forgivable since the real treat in this set is the extended special effects punctuating the interview and 206 minutes of extras.

Those include a near-speechless but entertaining making-of featurette; interviews with the documentary director, special effects artist and composer; trailers for the documentary; and a second disc of interviews with six comic industry rebels and icons that help give context. It’s a treasure trove for the Comic-Con set.

But don’t let the comic book theme fool you, this is also a thoughtful documentary that helps establish and explain comic art’s place in the broader, ongoing march of art history.

This is a great DVD for any fan of comic books and graphic novels and should also get more interest when the movie of Moore’s graphic novel Watchmen releases next March.

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