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Retailers Play 'The Hunger Games'

14 Aug, 2012 By: John Latchem

Best Buy's 'Hunger Games' cube

The Aug. 18 release of The Hunger Games grabbed much of the attention for the week, with all the major retailers offering their own exclusive version of the film.

Best Buy has a four-disc Blu-ray edition in a special box with a numbered acrylic collectible for $29.99.

Target offers a three-disc deluxe edition with 45 minutes of Tribute video diaries for $24.99 on Blu-ray and $22.99 on DVD. 

Walmart’s exclusive offered a Vudu copy and a mockingjay pendant with the DVD for $22.96 and the Blu-ray for $26.96.

The regular edition was listed for $16.99 on DVD and $19.99 on Blu-ray at both Best Buy and Target. Walmart.com listed it at $18.96 for DVD and $22.96 for Blu-ray, though in-store prices will vary.

Amazon.com gave fans who pre-ordered Hunger Games on DVD ($16.99) or Blu-ray ($19.99) a chance to watch it free online Aug. 18 through Amazon's video service.

Most of the stores offered other “Hunger Games” items as well. Target sold a hardcover boxed set of the book trilogy for $26.99. Best Buy offered $5 off the movie with the purchase of “Hunger Games” merchandise, such as a $9.99 mockingjay pin or a $14.99 phone cover.

Best Buy also offered an exclusive $24.99 Blu-ray/DVD/digital copy combo pack book of the new edition of Jaws released to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Universal Studios.

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