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Quick Fit (DVD Review)

18 Aug, 2013 By: Angelique Flores

Street 8/20/13
$19.99 DVD
Not rated.

Doing the same workout program daily can not only get boring, but it’s an easy way to fall in a rut and even quit working out.

Quick Fit is designed to keep workouts new and the entire body in shape with a variety of exercise segments to mix and match.

Led by Andrea Metcalf, the DVD contains 30 five-minute workouts. The cardio and strength sections each feature eight five-minute workouts, plus five-minute warm-up and cool-down segments. The Pilates section features nine five-minute workout segments plus a five-minute posture-relief cool down.

For those who don’t want to design their own program or who want to target specific trouble areas, the DVD contains pre-set workouts for abs (10 minutes), glutes (10 minutes), arms (10 minutes), lower body (15 minutes) and boxing (20 minutes). There’s also a “Mix It Up” (20 minutes) segment with a variety of everything.

The program is mostly for beginners, with clear, easy-to-follow instructions and modifications to make the workouts a little easier or harder. Light dumbbells are needed.

The workouts from this DVD are taken from three previously released DVDs from the “Keeping Fit” series: Keeping Fit: Strength, Keeping Fit: Cardio and Keeping Fit: Pilates. So if you liked those programs, this is an easy and effective way to combine those workouts.

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