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3Net to Bow Largest Original Content Slate in June

23 May, 2011 By: Erik Gruenwedel

3net, the joint 3D network owned and operated by Sony, Discovery and Imax, will premiere more than 20 hours of original 3D programs beginning next month.

The three-month-old network’s business model (available on DirecTV on channel 107) is designed to migrate consumer interest in 3D theatrical movies to equal interest in high-definition 3D content delivered into the home via cable or satellite on 3D-compatible HDTVs, according to Tom Cosgrove, president and CEO of 3net.

“We are solidifying the leadership position of our joint venture partners in the 3D space by offering the kind of quantity and quality of programming that drives in-home 3D adoption and combats the misconception that in-home 3D offerings are scarce,” Cosgrove said in a statement.

The June slate original programming on the following existing 3D series (9 p.m. ET):

• June 1 – African Wild “Gannets”
• June 2 – High Octane “Ice Climbing vs. Sandrails”
• June 3 – Experience 3D “New York Ships”
• June 4 – China Revealed “Dunhuang”
• June 8 – Feeding Time “Penguins, Polar Bears, Lemurs and Rhinos”
• June 9 – High Octane “Surfing vs. Freerunning”
• June 10 – Experience 3D “Malibu”
• June 10 – Experience 3D “Road to Hana” (10 p.m. ET/PT)
• June 11 – Jewels of the World “Fiorland”
• June 15 – Feeding Time “Monkeys, Elephants, Otters and Grizzlies”
• June 16 – High Octane “Street and Park Skateboarding vs. ATV and UTV”
• June 17 – Building the Brand “John Deere”
• June 17 – Experience 3D “Rock Climbing” (10 p.m. ET/PT)
• June 18 – China Revealed “Harbin”
• June 22 – African Wild “Penguins”
• June 23 – Live Fire “Army NTC”
• June 24 – Experience 3D “Racecars” (10 p.m. ET/PT)
• June 24 – Building the Brand “Trek Bicycles”
• June 25 – Jewels of the World “Santorini”
• June 25 – Jewels of the World “Rome” (10 p.m. ET/PT)
• June 26 – In the Qube “Red, White and Blue”
• June 30 – High Octane “Inline Skate vs. Freestyle Motor Bikes”

3net also features theme nights such as “Wild Wednesdays,” featuring new premieres of animal and wildlife adventures, as well as “Adrenaline Thursdays,” with action and adventure original programming.

About the Author: Erik Gruenwedel

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