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Superman: Ultimate Collector's Edition (DVD Review)

19 Nov, 2006 By: John Latchem

QUICK TAKE: A Batch of ‘Super' DVDs

There's more to love in the new Ultimate Superman Collection than the new DVDs for Superman II. All the Reeve movies have new commentary and deleted scenes. The DVD for the awful (non-Salkind) Superman IV is particularly interesting, as writer Mark Rosenthal basically spends the entire commentary apologizing and explaining the original intent of the story, saddling much of the blame on the new producers for cutting the budget. The new Superman Returns DVD lacks a commentary, and its deleted scenes are as lackluster as the film was, but a lengthy making-of documentary provides some good insights. Too bad the highly publicized deleted opening sequence of Superman visiting the remains of his homeworld couldn't be included. All the DVDs are due Nov. 28.

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