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'S' Is for 'Smallville'

21 Jul, 2011 By: Fred Topel

When “Smallville” ended its 10-year run in May, young Clark Kent finally came of age and adopted the mantle of Superman. When the complete run of the series makes it to DVD, fans should be able to see more of that journey.

Producer Brian Peterson says the two-hour finale originally included more scenes with the evil Darkseid that ultimately weren’t needed in the episode.

“I think this is fair to say: We thought at one point we were going to be short because we thought we might not have enough footage for the finale, actually,” Peterson says. “So we wrote a couple extra scenes with some of the Darkseid mythology, with Granny and with Godfrey, which ended up not making it into the finale because actually the original script did fit. So those might end up showing up on the DVD or something somewhere. They kind of fleshed out the story a little, but because they weren’t our main characters, they were the first to go.”

In addition to a standalone 10th season set, Warner Home Video Nov. 29 will release a complete-series boxed set, too. Producer Kelly Souders says she’s impressed by the ultimate collection.

“Oh my gosh, this DVD set is insane,” Souders says. “I think it’s the biggest one Warner Bros. has ever put out.”

Confirmed extras include five hours of newly added special features such as an unaired, never-before-seen “Superboy” pilot from 1961, a 90-minute series retrospective with new interviews, the 2010 final San Diego Comic-Con International panel and more.

Of course, the set will include all 218 episodes from the longest-running American sci-fi series ever made, but producers indicated they can’t get over the design of the box.

The set’s 62 discs come in two lay-flat picture books, and the box includes an exclusive Daily Planet newspaper highlighting the key storylines from the show’s run, and an episode guide with never-before-seen production art and behind-the-scenes photos.

“It’s really cool looking,” Peterson says.

“Smallville” starred Tom Welling as Clark Kent, Erica Durance as Lois Lane, Allison Mack as Chloe Sullivan, Kristin Kreuk at Lana Lang, Michael Rosenbaum as Lex Luthor, John Schneider as Jonathan Kent, Annette O’Toole as Martha Kent, John Glover as Lionel Luthor, Justin Hartley as Oliver Queen, Sam Jones III as Pete Ross, Cassidy Freeman as Tess Mercer, Aaron Ashmore* as Jimmy Olsen and Laura Vandervoort as Supergirl. Notable guest stars include Callum Blue as Zod, James Marsters as Brainiac and Michael McKean as Perry White.

From Superman to Smallville

Over the years, “Smallville” became a virtual who’s who of actors who were well known for appearing in previous movies and TV shows about the Man of Steel.


Smallville' Role


Christopher Reeve

Dr. Virgil Swann, a scientist who tells Clark about Krypton (episodes: “Rosetta,” “Legacy”)

Superman in Superman I-IV

Margot Kidder

Bridgette Crosby, Dr. Swann’s assistant (episodes: “Crusade,” “Transference”)

Lois Lane in Superman I-IV

Terence Stamp

The voice of Jor-El, Clark’s Kryptonian father (multiple episodes)

General Zod in Superman I and II

Marc McClure

Dax-Ur, the Kryptonian scientist who first created Brainiac (episode: “Persona”)

Jimmy Olsen in Superman I-IV and Supergirl

Helen Slater

Lara, Clark’s Kryptonian mother (episodes: “Lara,” “Blue,” “Abandoned”)

Supergirl in Supergirl

Dean Cain

Curtis Knox, a doctor obsessed with unlocking the key to immortality (episode: “Cure”)

Clark Kent in “Lois & Clark”

Teri Hatcher

Ella Lane, Lois’ mother (episode: “Abandoned”)

Lois Lane in “Lois & Clark”

Annette O’Toole

Martha Kent, Clark’s adopted mother on Earth

Lana Lang in Superman III

Other Superhero Connections


Lynda Carter

Moira Sullivan, Chloe’s mother (episode: “Progeny”)

Wonder Woman on “Wonder Woman”

Shawn Ashmore*

Eric Summers, who gains Clark’s powers through an electrical shock (episodes: “Leech,” “Asylum”)

Iceman in X-Men, X2 and X-Men: The Last Stand

From ‘Smallville’ to Super


Michael Rosenbaum (Lex Luthor) provided the voice of The Flash on the animated


 “Justice League” series and “Justice League Unlimited.”

Allison Mack (Chloe Sullivan) voiced Power Girl in the DC Universe movie


Superman/Batman: Public Enemies.





* Aaron and Shawn Ashmore are twins

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