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Powerpuff Girls: Complete Anniversary Collector's Set, The (DVD Review)

10 Jan, 2009 By: John Latchem

Another 'Puff' Piece

Warner Home Video Jan. 20 releases The Complete Powerpuff Girls Anniversary Collector’s Set, much to the delight of the many fans of the anime-inspired animated series about three superpowered girls who fight crime. The six-DVD set includes all six seasons of the show at $59.97.

The content on the first-season disc is identical to the individual release of that season in 2007. This includes the pilot short and creator Craig McCracken’s original student film The Whoopass Girls.

New to this set are a witty retrospective featurette and the 10th anniversary episode “The Powerpuff Girls Rule,” an amusing romp in which all the villains of Townsville fight over a special key that will grant them control of the entire world.

The set is not quite “complete,” however, as it would have been nice to ss the 2002 movie included as well.

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