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WSJ: Walmart Readying $30 Million UltraViolet Campaign

28 Feb, 2012 By: Erik Gruenwedel

Walmart reportedly is readying a store-based marketing rollout for UltraViolet, the industry initiative aimed at jumpstarting ownership — not rental — of movies and TV shows on disc and digital.

The $30 million campaign — expected to launch next week — would include store-based signage and staff assistance for consumers seeking to purchase UltraViolet-compatible discs as well as upload their DVD libraries to the cloud-based digital locker platform, according to The Wall Street Journal, which cited sources familiar with the launch.

Launched last October, consumer acceptance of UltraViolet hinges in large part on the platform’s ease-of-use, which experts say mandates involvement of big box retailers such as Walmart and Best Buy. The consumer electronics retailer reportedly also is readying an UltraViolet marketing push.

UltraViolet is supported by more than 70 media and technology companies, with the exception of The Walt Disney Co., which is working on its own cloud-based platform called Disney Studio All Access.

Satellite TV operator Dish Network, which owns and operates Blockbuster stores, said it is also in discussions with studios to use its 1,000 rental stores nationwide as consumer interface for UltraViolet.

“It’s changed the tone of the conversation,” Dish chairman Charlie Ergen told analysts Feb. 23.


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