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Walmart Begins Airing Disc-to-Digital Ads

27 Apr, 2012 By: Chris Tribbey

Walmart has begun airing a pair of advertisements promoting its new disc-to-digital program.

Both 30-second spots feature families of three shown carrying stacks of their DVDs into a store, accompanied by a host who walks them through the process.

“Walmart can now convert your DVDs from disc to digital,” the host says in one of the ads. “So now you’ll never break them, scratch them or lose them. Isn’t that cool?”

In the ads the host shares that the digital versions cost $2 each, can be used across an array of devices, and that the service is carried out at Walmart’s photo section. In one ad the father of the family guesses that the service would cost as much as $10.

Both ads carry a disclaimer noting that Disney titles aren’t available for the service.

Walmart’s cloud-based disc-to-digital transfer program authorizes digital copies and unlocks them in a customer’s Vudu.com account, with no upload necessary and customers keeping their discs. Customers then log onto Vudu.com from more than 300 Internet-connected devices to view their movies. Those same titles are also accessible as UltraViolet files at UVVU.com and other services, including Warner-owned Flixster.

More than 4,000 titles are available, from Paramount Home Media Distribution, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment, Universal Studios Home Entertainment, Warner Bros. Home Entertainment and DreamWorks Animation.

Vudu, Walmart’s video service, also began advertising disc-to-digital April 26, with the pitch: “Hate carrying your DVDs around? Scared your Blu-ray collection might get damaged? Sad you can’t watch your movies on your iPad? We have great new for you!” The ad includes a link to vudu.com/disc_to_digital.


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