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Wolfe’s VOD Service Aims to Thwart Online Piracy

7 Jun, 2012 By: Ashley Ratcliff

Wolfe Video, a major distributor of LGBT-themed films, June 7 unveiled its worldwide video-on-demand service, WolfeOnDemand.com.

To start with, the service currently has 30 films available. The ultimate goal, however, is to feature the complete Wolfe library of more than 100 gay and lesbian features and documentaries. WolfeOnDemand.com now features such titles as Celine Sciama's Tomboy (Berlin Panorama Teddy Award winner) and Sundance award winner Undertow (Contracorriente), in addition to popular classics such as the gay teen musical Were the World Mine and controversial lesbian drama Loving Annabelle, among others.

Wolfe, a long-time champion of the commercial sharing of legal authorized films, has created a platform that allows viewers to gain commissions when they direct others to watch movies on WolfeOnDemand.com. This strategy marks the indie distributor’s latest endeavor with combating illegal movie file-sharing and online piracy.

“This launch helps Wolfe meet the needs of our customers on a global scale,” said Wolfe founder Kathy Wolfe. “While fighting online piracy, I had the opportunity to connect with many of our fans outside the U.S., who indicated that they would not pirate films if we provided reasonably priced access to our library. With the launch of WolfeOnDemand.com, we’re meeting that great need.”

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