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Fire Safety in the Home/Quick Clean Video (DVD Review)

29 Dec, 2008 By: John Latchem

Wisk Away

Wisk Away Offers a Helping Hand

Wisk Away Concepts Jan. 13 offers two new entries into the field of do-it-yourself videos: Fire Safety in the Home ($25.99) and Quick Clean Video ($48.99). These aren’t extravagant productions but are effective in achieving their goal.

The eight-minute Fire Safety video guides families through various steps in preparing for a potential house fire. Since actual firefighting officials provide the instruction, the lessons are good and make this the kind of video one might find in a classroom or public safety display.

The Quick Clean video offers 25-minutes worth of tips on how to effectively and quickly clean a bathroom, kitchen or living room.

Both videos are distributed by Victory Multimedia.


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