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'Haven' Rolls On

26 Jul, 2013 By: Chris Tribbey

(L-R): Colin Ferguson and Adam Copeland of “Haven.”

SAN DIEGO — Let’s face it: A lot of DVD and Blu-ray Disc owners pass up commentaries on their discs without a second thought. Actor Colin Ferguson — best known as the lead on Syfy’s “Eureka,” and soon to be seen in the fourth season of “Haven” — considers commentaries a sort of gospel.

“I adore DVD commentaries. They’re part of my school of acting,” Ferguson said, speaking at the 2013 San Diego Comic-Con International. “[With commentaries] you’re contributing to the compendium of knowledge, and [they’re] something you can only get on a [disc].

“It’s different from what [you find] on the Internet.”

Ferguson makes his “Haven” debut in the latest season of the supernatural thriller — airing this fall — and joins a cast that’s already hip to giving fans more on disc than they could ever imagine while watching the broadcasts.

“What goes into the Blu-ray bonuses is a lot of fun for us,” said “Haven” actor Adam Copeland. “It feels strangely rewarding.”

The third season of the Syfy series is due on Blu-ray Disc and DVD Sept. 3 from Entertainment One.

Series lead Emily Rose (who plays Audrey Parker) said the cast and crew spend a lot of time thinking ahead about what extra features fans may want. “[Disc bonuses] are what I look forward to the most,” she said.

“Haven” star Eric Balfour (Duke Crocker) added: “The great thing on set is we’re already pin-pointing the gag reel moments.”

As for Ferguson’s newly introduced character to the show, he hinted that he might be with “Haven” for a bit.

“I’m alive after eight episodes, I know that,” Ferguson laughed.

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