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‘Haven’ Cast Take Guesses on Show’s Longevity

13 Jul, 2012 By: Chris Tribbey

(L-R): “Haven” actors Lucas Bryant, Eric Balfour and Emily Rose discuss the Syfy series at Comic-Con July 13.

SAN DIEGO — The main cast of the hit Syfy series “Haven” all have their bets on how long the series will last, and show producer and distributor Entertainment One is hoping actor Lucas Bryant (The Vow, “Queer as Folk”) has it right.

Fellow “Haven” actors Eric Balfour (Skyline, “24”) and Emily Rose (“E.R.,” “Brothers and Sisters”) are guessing five and seven seasons, respectively, while Bryant is going for a full nine.

After how popular the first two seasons have been with fans and critics alike — and with a third season set to debut in late September — the idea of that many seasons isn’t a stretch.

Centered on Rose’s FBI character, Audrey Parker, the series follows her investigation into the paranormal happenings of Haven, Maine, a refuge for the gifted and a place of constant intrigue and secrets, including secrets about Parker’s forgotten past.

“The audience tunes in because they like the dynamics of these characters,” Balfour said, speaking at the annual San Diego Comic-Con International. “My favorite episodes are the ones that have a direct impact on us.”

The third season of the series will debut in the fall, a change from the summer debuts of the first two seasons, and a show of faith in the series.

“It’s a double-edged sword,” Balfour said. “There are more viewers in the fall, but there’s more competition. It can be a blessing or a curse.”

Fans are urged to tune in regardless, as after two seasons of establishing characters and plot lines, season three “is the biggest we’ve done,” Balfour said.

“For fans who’ve been watching [the entire series] there’s a lot of payoff,” Rose said. “That’s one of the best parts about making it to the third season. We’re family. We’re friends.”

The third season of “Haven” will debut Sept. 21, and on Sept. 4 Entertainment One will release the second season on DVD and Blu-ray Disc. Bonus features have yet to be announced, though cast members are hinting at commentaries, deleted scenes and behind-the-scenes footage.

“I know I’ve given them at least three and a half hours of complete nonsense,” Bryant joked. “They can choose to use that.”

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