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Introducing Our Mobile Magazine

7 Dec, 2011 By: Thomas K. Arnold

We’re not going to promote it, in a big way, until January.

But I’ll let you in on a little secret: We now have our very own mobile magazine, or “Mozine,” which can be accessed on any smartphone via a free downloadable app (just search for “Home Media” and it will pop up).

It’s essentially a simplified form of our magazine, aimed at always-on-the-run executives who want to check out the top home entertainment stories, blogs and research while they’re running to a meeting, riding the elevator or stuck in traffic.

For me, the best part about the Home Media Mozine, produced for us by a company called Thumb Media, is that I don’t have to put on my dang reading glasses to see it. Yes, it’s tailor-made for those tiny smartphone screens, and it’s the latest in several innovations you can expect from Home Media this year as we rev up our transformation from a trade magazine to an information source.

I believe Home Media is more important than ever to our business. When we began more than 30 years ago, we primarily were a selling tool, a way for the studios and independent suppliers of home video product to communicate with retailers.

Today, we are a messaging tool, a way for the studios and independent suppliers to communicate with everyone, from the still-vast network of independent retailers with whom they do not have direct relationships to influential consumers, bloggers, Wall Street analysts, Hollywood’s creative community and even their peers.

Let’s face it – the home entertainment industry has never before had so many opportunities and so many challenges, all converging on us at the same time. There are myriad ways for content to be delivered into the home, and at the same time the definition of “home” is changing to include all sorts of mobile and portable devices, from tablets to smartphones. It’s really personal entertainment, not home entertainment , and I believe, quite frankly, that someone needs to be out there to help us make sense of it all.

That’s what we’re all about. Our mission is to be the central clearinghouse for all things home entertainment, encompassing news, research, analysis, interpretation and education. To effectively do our job, we need to be ubiquitous, omnipresent. We need to embody the spirit of 24/7; we need to be “always on,” to borrow the title of business strategist Chris Vollmer’s bestselling book.

So check out our app – and keep in mind, this is only the beginning.


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