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Home Media Magazine is available in two formats: print and digital. Choose the version that's most convenient for you.

Home Media Magazine Print Edition
Home Media Magazine offers a free print subscription to qualified U.S. and Canada residents and free "digital only" subscriptions to International residents. If you do not qualify for a print subscription but wish to receive print you may purchase a 1-year print subscription. Payment is required for International residents who wish to receive the magazine in print. International subscribers who pay for the print version will receive the digital replica as a bonus. .

Subscription rates*:
U.S. and Possessions: $61 for one year, $99 for two years
Canada and Mexico: $97 for one year, $145 for two years
All other countries: $121 for one year, $175 for two years (by Surface mail).

Add $75 annually for air-expedited service.

Single copies (prepaid only)*:
$6.99 in the United States
$8.99 in Canada and Mexico
$13.99 all other countries.

Back issues, if available*:
$9.99 in the U.S.
$15.99 in Canada and Mexico
$26.99 for all other countries.

Include $6.50 per order plus $2 per additional copy for U.S. postage and handling.*

Home Media Magazine Digital Edition
Home Media Magazine Digital Edition is an electronic version of the print issue. You'll receive an e-mail reminder as soon as the latest edition of the digital replica is available each month. Home Media Magazine offers the free digital magazine subscriptions to qualified U.S., Canadian, and International residents.  .

Home Media Magazine Digital Edition is:

    • Complete: Home Media Magazine Digital Edition includes 100% of the editorial and advertising content found in the print edition.
    • Convenient: Home Media Magazine Digital Edition is browser-based — no fat files or mandatory downloads.
    • Interactive: Home Media Magazine Digital Edition is live — one click away from related editorial and advertising Web sites.
    • Portable: If you wish, download Home Media Magazine Digital Edition to your mobile computer to read offline while traveling or sitting in your favorite easy chair.

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If you have questions about your subscription or would like to order back issues, please contact our customer service department:

U.S. Customer Service: 949-413-9311
International Customer Service: 1-847-763-9594
Fax: 847-763-9694
Mailing Address:
Home Media Magazine
PO Box 1270
Skokie, IL 60076-8270

Home Media Magazine is published weekly by Questex Media Group, 4590 MacArthur Blvd., Suite 500, Newport Beach, CA 92660


*Rates are subject to adjustment and may have changed. Please contact customer service for more information.

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