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Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Digital Drivers 2017

Mike Takac, EVP, Sales
Takac oversees all licensing, distribution and selling activities for the studio’s film, TV and distributed labels. He is responsible for all global broadband platforms and has domestic purview for cable, satellite, physical and e-commerce retail.
Under Takac’s leadership, the studio has consistently outperformed the video category in both physical and digital consumer sales. He works across the studio to maximize franchises by integrating games, publishing and consumer products into cohesive retail solutions. Takac’s primary focus is setting and executing strategic retail initiatives, developing and deploying team resources and delivering results on revenue goals. He has been an integral part of important industry launches such as shared entitlements, early electronic sellthrough and disc to digital.

Jessica Schell, EVP and GM, Film
Schell has global responsibility for all operations related to the digital and physical sales, marketing, distribution, finance and administrative functions of the studio’s home entertainment releases, including new theatrical titles and catalog films. In addition, she identifies and drives new technology marketing and revenue opportunities for home entertainment. Currently, Schell is leading studio initiatives for new formats of next-generation digital ownership as well as virtual, augmented and mixed-reality activities including the recently announced VR deal with Imax. Schell has structured her team as a fully integrated digital and physical organization, so that as the business continues to shift, the studio can ensure that it is seamlessly focusing resources in the right places and capitalizing on new opportunities.

Jacqueline Hayes, SVP and General Counsel
Hayes serves as lead counsel for Warner’s digital initiatives, including UltraViolet, VOD/EST and new digital business models. First joining Warner Home Video in 1998 as counsel, Hayes was promoted to VP of business and legal affairs in 2000. She joined the newly formed Warner Bros. Digital Distribution in 2006, was later promoted to SVP of business and legal affairs, and was named deputy general counsel in 2011 when the video, digital and games teams merged together under Warner Bros. Home Entertainment.

Derek Grey, SVP, Sales and Business, Development
Grey is responsible for global partner management and digital transactional revenue for movie and TV content for global and domestic partners such as Apple, Google, Microsoft, Sony, Comcast, DirecTV and Verizon. Grey also manages global licensing and new business development, which includes licensing EST and VOD movies and TV content, as well as digital original, clip, 4K and virtual reality content. In addition, he negotiated industry-shared entitlement and disc-to-digital conversion rights.

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