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Sony Pictures Home Entertainment Digital Drivers 2017

Man Jit Singh, President
Singh oversees all aspects of the worldwide home entertainment division, including sales, marketing and operations. He has a strong background in technology, entertainment and consumer products, with more than 20 years of experience in global operations, working in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia. He was the chief executive of Talent Tree Staffing, and was also the founder and chief executive of Internet start-ups such as Futurestep.com and Compete Inc. Under Singh, SPHE has continued to aggressively pursue growth opportunities around the world, as well as launching the 4K digital service, ULTRA, and next-generation added-value content such as virtual reality apps.

Lexine Wong, Senior EVP, Worldwide Marketing
Wong is responsible for the global marketing strategy for SPHE’s digital and physical distribution businesses across all SPHE film and TV properties, including film acquisitions and new technologies. She also oversees strategic direction for all of SPHE’s brand and shopper marketing functions, including media, digital and social, publicity, creative, content programming, production of added-value content, and marketing operations. In addition to driving digital ownership and consumer engagement through digital platforms, Wong’s team helps keep SPHE at the forefront of new entertainment innovations by launching new products such as virtual reality and digital extras. With a focus on maximizing the digital entertainment experience, she plays a critical role in formulating marketing direction for SPHE’s digital products, including digital ownership, early EST, VOD, UltraViolet, and the studio’s 4K streaming service, ULTRA.

Jason Spivak, EVP, Worldwide, Digital Distribution and North American Sales
Spivak manages SPHE’s global digital distribution and North American commercial teams. He oversees the worldwide distribution of the company’s film and television properties across all transactional digital channels, as well as its overall North American business, spanning both digital and physical channels. Spivak also oversees SPHE’s digital strategy group, driving efforts to explore emerging distribution models, such as SPHE’s 4K streaming service, ULTRA.

Edward Han, SVP, Digital Distribution
Han manages U.S. digital distribution for the studio’s feature film and television content for SPHE and manages all digital transactional efforts through cable, satellite, and internet-based EST and VOD platforms. He oversees digital business planning and strategy on windowing, pricing, and go-to-market tactics. He has been with the studio for more than 11 years, previously in corporate development and SPHE business development.

Richard Berger, SVP, Worldwide, Digital Strategy and Advanced Platforms
Berger drives digital distribution strategy in the home entertainment division with a focus on next-generation consumer usage models, enhanced playback experiences, and new technologies such as 4K and VR. He leads growth and innovation initiatives including multi-studio efforts to enable digital rights interoperability and the standardization of digital extras, allowing digital retailers to deliver studio-created interactive experiences to consumers across platforms. He also oversees the studio’s digital supply chain services and its direct-to-consumer 4K digital streaming service, ULTRA.

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