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Lionsgate Digital Drivers 2017

Jim Packer, President, Worldwide TV and Digital Distribution
Packer is head of Lionsgate’s global television distribution operations and architect of many of the company’s digital initiatives. He directs Lionsgate’s strategies for capitalizing on evolving distribution opportunities in a fast-changing world marketplace. He oversees the worldwide distribution of Lionsgate’s roster of nearly 90 television shows on 40 different networks. In addition, he helped spearhead the rollout of the company’s growing suite of subscription video-on-demand platforms featuring branded, targeted content for affinity audiences.
Packer is also co-head of the company’s global home entertainment operations. He spearheads the licensing of Lionsgate’s feature-film slate to television, on-demand and digital platforms around the world. During his tenure, Lionsgate has become an industry leader in VOD-to-box office and digital-to-box office conversion rates. With the integration of Starz, Lionsgate’s home entertainment operations have become a global powerhouse with a 12% market share and distribution of six of this year’s nine Best Picture Oscar nominees.

Ron Schwartz, President, Home Entertainment
Schwartz runs Lionsgate’s nearly $1 billion-a-year worldwide home entertainment operation, managing a library comprised of more than 16,000 motion picture and TV titles. He crafts the marketing strategies of Lionsgate’s home entertainment group worldwide, overseeing all aspects of the home entertainment division, including sales, acquisitions, the DVD production group, all Blu-ray initiatives, and all extensions and renewals of current libraries. Schwartz is also a key member of the team that acquires films, in conjunction with sister company Roadside Attractions, for Lionsgate’s specialty theatrical business, including such titles as double Oscar winner Manchester by the Sea, Winter’s Bone, The Cove, Friends With Kids and the day-and-date theatrical/VOD successes Arbitrage and Margin Call. During his tenure at Lionsgate, Schwartz has played a key role in the company’s adoption of new technologies and formats such as UltraViolet and has established Lionsgate as the industry leader in box office-to-DVD and box office-to-VOD conversion rates.

Thomas Hughes EVP, Worldwide Digital Distribution
Hughes oversees sales and distribution for all of Lionsgate’s businesses in the on-demand, digital  and non-theatrical arenas, including multi-channel video providers and digital retailers. He also manages business development opportunities surrounding digital platforms worldwide, including mobile. He played an instrumental role in Lionsgate’s launch of a global TV EST store with Vimeo. He also led the negotiation and subsequent launch with Valve’s Steam platform entry into global VOD and EST. Hughes has negotiated expanded global content licensing deals with digital retailers such as iTunes, Amazon and Xbox as they enter new territories around the world. Hughes has also shepherded the company’s exploration of new windowing strategies, including the day-and-date theatrical and VOD releases.

Jed Grossman EVP, Sales and Distribution, Home Entertainment
Grossman draws on more than two decades of experience at Lionsgate to lead the company’s home entertainment sales operations. He steers the evolution of home entertainment distribution across all platforms while managing relationships with all major retailers to maximize revenue.

Julie Uhrman, EVP and GM, Over-the-Top Ventures
Digital media entrepreneur Uhrman joined Lionsgate in October 2016. She spearheads the strategy, rollout and growth of Lionsgate’s streaming services. The company’s branded online platforms include Tribeca Shortlist, in partnership with Tribeca Enterprises; Comic-Con HQ; the Laugh Out Loud comedy platform, featuring the original content of Kevin Hart; and the first Spanish-language premium streaming movie service for Hispanic moviegoers in the United States. Uhrman works closely with the management of each of the channels on content, curation and marketing strategies and focuses on expanding the domestic and international distribution footprints of each service across digital, cable, telco and satellite platforms.

Julie Cartwright, EVP, Marketing
Prior to the Lionsgate acquisition, Cartwright was a driving force behind Anchor Bay’s most innovative marketing initiatives and its nimble, highly collaborative reputation. An expert at building cross-promotional partnerships, managing relationships with filmmakers and developing alliances with global brands, she led creative development, public relations, promotions, brand marketing and digital consumer marketing and now brings that expertise to Lionsgate.

Amanda Kozlowski, SVP, Digital Marketing
Kozlowski oversees digital marketing efforts for the home entertainment division as well as retail marketing and promotions for the domestic digital and on-demand business. She is also an integral part of the team leading a new Lionsgate initiative focusing on features with a primarily digital-platform release.

Adam Frank,VP, Digital and On-Demand Sales
Frank runs the day-to-day sales and affiliate relations team for all digital providers, MVPD and non-theatrical partners. He also manages the releasing, windowing and pricing strategies for distributed content, including day-and-date theatrical/VOD product.

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