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20th Century Fox Home Entertainment Digital Drivers 2016

Mike Dunn, president, worldwide
Dunn has been instrumental in driving mainstream adoption of digital with the goal of connecting consumers with the highest-quality entertainment in all the ways they access and experience it. Dunn believes the future of movie experiences is about the intersection of content and consumer electronics. Through the Fox Innovation Lab, Dunn and his team are driving the development of innovative technology and new consumer experiences across all formats and distribution models to meet the demand for more immersive experiences. Dunn is looking to future technologies and is leading Hollywood’s push into virtual reality, as well as driving the evolution to 4K Ultra HD with High Dynamic Range (HDR) to deliver what’s next in premium home entertainment experiences.

Mary Daily, chief marketing officer and president, worldwide marketing
Daily is the driving force behind Fox’s award-winning global marketing unit and is responsible for the division’s go-to-market strategies in the digital era. She continues to capitalize on the growing digital market and the avalanche of connected devices by focusing on collectibility and creating must-own experiences for consumers. Daily and her team were responsible for the digital release of Ridley Scott’s award-winning film The Martian, the industry’s best-selling, live-action Digital HD title in its first week of release and also the fastest live-action title to reach 1 million Digital HD transactions. She is advancing digital strategies that leverage new technologies to drive consumer engagement through transformative extras and filmmaker-driven story extensions. Daily’s team is currently focused on the release of Fox’s first commercial virtual reality endeavor — The Martian VR Experience — a first-of-its-kind virtual reality experience for consumers that will be available across tethered virtual reality platforms in 2016.

Keith Feldman, president, worldwide distribution
Feldman is responsible for the innovation and mainstream consumer adoption of high-value digital delivery models. Through partnerships with leading digital platforms around the world, Feldman plays a key role in promoting consumer acceptance by rapidly and seamlessly deploying best-in-class strategies globally. He believes that the key drivers to digital growth will be ubiquitous consumer access to EST, across all cable, satellite and IPTV providers, establishing a robust digital distribution footprint in piracy-plagued emerging markets and implementing new digital business models that leverage next-generation delivery, including 4K Ultra with HDR and virtual reality. He notes that the continued expansion of established cable and satellite providers offering EST, particularly in Western Europe and Asia, has made a considerable impact on consumer behavior and adoption.

Hanno Basse, CTO, 20th Century Fox
Basse manages the Fox Innovation Lab in partnership with Danny Kaye. Basse’s priority is to drive innovation for Fox’s products from concept to distribution. Basse believes innovation will continue to be a driving force for digital growth, but fragmentation and piracy continue to be huge challenges that must be addressed. It is a top priority at Fox to innovate and create new product categories such as Ultra HD with HDR and virtual reality. He also notes that fragmentation and piracy permeates everything — the market for distribution, the content offerings available to consumers and, therefore, the audience that can be aggregated around specific content. Basse recognizes that choice and new technology offerings are great for consumers, but that Fox also must ensure that its products have a meaningful impact in the marketplace.

Danny Kaye, EVP, global research and technology strategy, and managing director, Fox Innovation Lab
Kaye manages the Fox Innovation Lab in partnership with Hanno Basse. The Lab is currently focused on two game changers: virtual reality and 4K Ultra HD with HDR. Other priorities for the lab include piracy platform technologies, next-generation TV and digital platform user interfaces, and mobile content delivery technologies. His team is responsible for the research and insights that guide Fox’s technology strategy. His team provides an accurate picture of what consumers want in order to optimize how content providers, consumer electronics manufacturers and retailers engage with connected consumers. As a member of the executive committee of the Secure Content Storage Association (SCSA), Kaye continues to steward the industry on developing technologies to make it easy and secure for consumers to purchase, transfer and view content across multiple electronic devices.

Vincent Marcais, EVP, worldwide brand marketing
Marcais’ priority is to get more consumers to embrace digital transactional behavior. He works with Fox’s digital retail partners to recruit new active users: sampling digital rental and Digital HD to massive groups of consumers, helping them improve the experience, and including Digital HD as a major component in device advertising. Marcais and his team showcase the benefits for transactional as the best option for high-quality content. As the world becomes more dominated by ad-supported and subscription-based video consumption, Marcais plans to elevate digital ownership by leveraging new players that are entering the digital category and promoting the evolution of a more consumer-friendly HD ecosystem.

Tedd E. Cittadine, SVP, digital distribution
Cittadine manages Fox’s digital distribution function, which involves initial contact, negotiation and deal closure for all transactional digital clients (Amazon, iTunes, Google, Comcast, DirecTV, etc.) in the United States and Canada. These deals set the framework for Fox’s ongoing business relationships and engagements. In addition, he leads Fox’s MVPD account management team, which specializes in working with all major cable, satellite and telco providers to maximize revenue, launch new products and identify industry best practices. Cittadine’s team sees strong growth from digital platforms that continue to invest in technology, content offering and consumer experiences.

John Migliacci, SVP, digital global accounts
Migliacci is responsible for Fox’s OTT partnerships and is focused on driving digital growth through ubiquitous accessibility on all screens — particularly in the living room — premium and immersive features that are unique to digital ownership, and consistent and frictionless experiences for consumers. In his current role, Migliacci underscores the importance of carefully considering the priorities and assets of partners when developing digital growth strategies to facilitate alignment with their broader goals, while also leveraging their respective platform and ecosystem strengths.

Dave Davis, SVP, international licensing and distribution
Davis manages Fox’s business negotiations with international digital platforms for VOD and Digital HD distribution. Davis and his team of international licensing executives seek to ensure broad distribution of Fox’s entertainment content, and to facilitate widespread consumer adoption for digital offerings. His team aims to ensure that platforms offer excellent utility to their customers including digital ownership, multiple-device viewing, 4K Ultra HD with HDR content, and consumer offers such as bundles and preorders. They also seek to guarantee the highest content protection standards in order to minimize piracy. Davis and his team are focused on driving growth of Digital HD via MVPDs and key OTT services in major markets and distributing Fox’s content via new digital services to underserved consumers in emerging international markets.

Rio Cyrus, SVP, marketing
Cyrus leads a global team in strategic marketing and content strategy across all digital (transactional) platforms, driving ownership and rental transactions for Fox feature films and television content. She focuses on enhancing the product experience as consumer behavior continues to transition from physical format consumption to digital. To drive digital, Cyrus and her team work to improve product experiences that promote ownership and collectibility for consumers. This includes nurturing partnerships with digital platforms to drive core consumers to digital video storefronts utilizing the company’s overall ecosystem — both on and off platform.  Additionally, using consumer data, the team drives digital behavior by optimizing the consumer’s media journey, to ensure differentiated experiences in each window in the product lifecycle.

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