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Univision Launches OTT Network

16 Apr, 2014 By: Chris Tribbey

Univision Communications has launched its first dedicated over-the-top (OTT) network, TheFlama.com, featuring five new original series and premium, English-language programming aimed at 15- to 30-year-olds entertained by Latin culture content.

Flama programming will also be distributed via major distribution partners, and social channels YouTube, Twitter and Facebook.

“Flama is working with talent and storytellers that connect with young Hispanics through a shared experience, a point of view, and sometimes simply a passion for llamas,” said Flama GM Steven Benanav. “We’ve created a network for our audience to discover and share great programming that includes original series and the best curated material from the Internet.”

Trojan condoms is supporting the original series, which include a docu-series featuring 17-year-old hip-hop artist Becky G; a soccer-themed mockumentary show; a weekly show starring music expert D-story; a review series with Flama’s resident grandmother Abuelita; and a short-clip series starring comedian Johnny Sanchez.

TheFlama.com will also feature other Latino comedians, musicians and athletes, with Latino stand-up comedian Al Madrigal serving as an early adviser.

“While other companies have set out to attract young Latinos and treat them like a homogenous group, from Flama’s inception, the network has been staffed by Latinos of all backgrounds who are making quality content for what is actually a diverse group,” Madrigal said. “This more legit approach is what sets Flama apart and will lead to its success.” 

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