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Streaming Video Dominates Among Coveted 18-34 Demo

19 Apr, 2016 By: Erik Gruenwedel

Despite Netflix’s weak Q2 subscriber growth guidance, subscription streaming and YouTube remain dominate forms of entertainment among Madison Ave.’s coveted 18-34 demo, according to new data from Adobe and The Diffusion Group.

In a January online survey of 2,000 adults, 91% of respondents between 18-35 subscribed to a SVOD service such as Netflix (70%), Amazon Prime Video (30%) and Hulu (21%) — compared with 82% among all respondents who characterized themselves as video streamers.

HBO Now generates the most attention (76%) for original programming — likely due to “Game of Thrones” — with Netflix at 65%. Original programming on Hulu had the least influence at 39%.

Not surprisingly, younger viewers (95%) gravitate toward free streaming services such as YouTube (83%), Hulu (23%), music video service Vevo (27%) and Crackle (19%).

Regardless of all-you-can-stream services such as Netflix, 34% of video streamers said they use a transactional (rental and sellthrough) service, with Apple iTunes (the first transactional platform), Google Play and Amazon Video, each used by around 12% of respondents.

Home is where the streaming video is, apparently. Today’s video entertainment consumer may be mobile, but chances are he or she prefers streaming video in the home.

The survey found that 82% of video streamers watch on a home TV, highest among 25-34s (92%); smart TVs (35%); and game consoles (34%) are the most popular devices.

PCs continue to be an important platform for TV entertainment. About 50% of streaming time is spent watching short-form video, but only 37% among 18-24s. Sixty percent of respondents said they stream video on their smartphones, averaging 8.2 hours per week (11.2 hours for 18-24s). About 46% of smartphone streamers reported year-over-year increased mobile streaming, with 20% reporting a significant increase.

Fifty percent of respondents said they stream video on a tablet, averaging 8.2 hours per week (46% report a year-over-year increase in time spent streaming on a tablet; 19% significantly so). 

About 37% of smartphone streaming is spent outside the home, greater than tablets (18%) and laptops (11%).

Another 64% of smartphone streaming time is spent watching short-form video (over 70% for those over 45 years old, higher than 18-44 at 62%); 46% for tablets. 

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