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Sling TV Expands Spanish-Language Content Offering

30 Nov, 2017 By: Erik Gruenwedel

With Hispanics reportedly spending 26 hours per month streaming video on portable media devices, Sling TV Nov. 30 announced an expansion of its Spanish-language offerings.

The Dish Network-owned online TV service bowed “Centroamérica,” a regional package including networks from Central American countries, such as El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panamá, El Salvador and Costa Rica, among others.

Centroamérica is available for $10 per month on a standalone basis, or $5 per month when combined with “Sling Orange,” “Sling Blue” and/or any Spanish-language service from Sling TV.

“The addition of Centroamérica allows customers from Central America to easily connect with programming from home alongside their favorite programming from the U.S,” Jose Romero, GM of Spanish-language marketing for Sling TV, said in a statement.

Centroamérica programing includes broadcasts news shows such as “Al Cierre,” “Centroamérica Habla con Alberto Padilla,” and “Mujeres de América.”

Sling TV added Mexican channel, Mexicanal to the Mexico platform. The channel features Spanish-language sports, news and entertainment, including shows like “Ahí viene la Marimba” and “Estrellas del Jaripeo.”

Sling TV also added Dominican View and Supercanal to the Caribe package. Supercanal serves the needs of Dominicans living abroad, offering news, music and family entertainment.

México and Caribe are each available for $10 monthly on a standalone basis or $5 per month with Sling Orange, Sling Blue and/or any Spanish-language service from Sling TV.

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